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Samy Just ran across this thread... I searched for something non teflon too and found this at . I emailed them and asked if their machine was available in the USA and their reply follows. "thank you for your interest in our Sana bread maker. Now we produce it with
CE certification for Europe only but we would like to offer this product in
US as well. We expect it could be available in US market later this year. We
will inform you when it´s available there."
Conservopatriot answered on July 19, 2014.....

Did you see that date??? If you all are not planning on making it available to the US, just tell me! Would an employee there just ship it under the table, and I'll pay whatever the shipping is! Let me know,
Kind Regards, I know its not your fault
2.9.2015 18:40
Sammy I heard you all would have a stainless bread pan/machine available to the US during the 2nd half of 2015, and just wanted to know whats the holdup!... please advise. I am tired of allowing my family to ingest flourine, as the teflon peels off after a few weeks from these crap makers I keep buying.. We're making our own bread to avoid ingesting hazardous toxins in the first place, but for some insane reason we Americans have zero access to stainless pans... Is there a law forbidding you all from selling Americans non-hazardous products. Jeeze, whats the deal! 2.9.2015 18:30
Lisa I have been searching all over for a stainless steel pan bread maker! I am in the US and would really like to purchase one of your SS machines. I saw you replied that you are working on a US model. Do you have an update on when it will be available? Is it possible to put my name on a list so that I can be contacted when it is available to purchase? Thank you! 8.7.2015 16:49
Franca Hi There,
What about Australia? Any distributors down under? If I purchase from you direct, will the machine work as is or will I need a power adapter and voltage converter? Will it affect the working of the machine?

Many Thanks
26.6.2015 02:32
Elena Novak I am interested in the Standard model (with stainless steel pan and beaters). Do you ship to the U.S. at all? I only saw options for Europe... :-0 Saw that this question came up from a few others, but saw no answer. Please advise! Thank you so much! 8.6.2015 00:33 Dear Elena,
thank you for your interest in our Smart Bread Maker. Unfortunately now we have European model only. We are working on US model as well and hope that it would be available the next year (2016). Thank you.
9.6.2015 09:00
Elena Novak Thank you! I am looking forward to stainless steel pan options in the US in 2016. How can US customers be aware of when and where they can purchase your machine when it becomes available? I believe you already have a line of eager fans across the pond! :-) 9.7.2015 04:06
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