Sana Smart bread maker

“Sana” is Latin for “healthy", and the Sana Smart Bread Maker is a great way to make your own healthy and delicious food.
We have been involved with home bread baking for 20 years and have developed a unique multifunction home bread machine which we feel is the best on the market. This isn't just an empty claim – take a look for yourself!

Bread? Basic food of your life...

It is easy to become accustomed to eating store-bought bread. But when you take that first bite of a warm, freshly-baked loaf, you realize what you've been missing. In comparison, that loaf from a grocery store is bland and almost tasteless. It is also full of additives and preservatives, and lacks the vitamins and nutrients in fresh home-baked bread. And because store-bought bread is often not baked completely through, it can become moldy in just a few days.

Why to bake bread at home:

  • it tastes so much better than store-bought bread
  • it is much less expensive to bake your own bread
  • it is far more nutritious
  • there are no chemicals
  • it stays fresh longer

Programmable technology means our bread maker is always up-to-date

And the SANA is available with a stainless steel bread pan

The multifunction SANA Smart Bread Maker has two memory chips and its software can be easily updated. This means you can try different programs and save the ones you use the most. You don't need to buy a new machine whenever a new program comes out. You can make your own custom program, setting the kneading time and speed, time and temperature for multiple rising phases, and time and temperature for multiple baking phases.

Not just bread...

The SANA Smart bread maker not only bakes a perfect loaf of bread, but can make many other types of food. For example, it can make classic and probiotic yogurt, kefir, acidophilus milk, tempeh, natto, and amazake. It also makes fresh butter, pork cracklings, pasteurized jams, and can bake bake juicy meat or fish.


The Sana Smart Bread maker isn’t just for making bread. One of the surprising things you can use it to make is tempeh and natto. Prepared from soybeans and a special culturing powder, these traditional southeast asian foods are healthy and worth trying out. Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian...more here

More and more people are baking their own bread at home. There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are that you can use your own choice of ingredients and that homemade bread just tastes so much better than store-bought bread. Home-baked bread won’t have any of the chemicals...more here

The Sana Smart Bread is useful not just for baking bread, but as a substitute for a conventional oven. Meat and fish cooked in the Sana Smart Bread Maker are flavorful and juicy, which can’t always be said when using a conventional oven. By using a glass lid with the Smart Bread Maker, the cooking...more here

Most bread machines are able to make jam, but this feature is something most consumers never use. It’s too bad, since it’s so easy to do that most people who’ve tried it never go back to the traditional method of making jam. All you do is put the ingredients into the pan, set the program, start it, and come back...more here

Have you ever heard of the term “functional” foods? These are food products which, either naturally or artificially, have been enriched with healthy additives. The most widespread functional food in the world is yogurt which naturally contains probiotic bacterial...more here

Amasaké is a thick and creamy traditional Japanese dessert made from fermented grains. Popular among those who follow a macrobiotic lifestyle, this creamy dessert can be enjoyed by anyone. It doesn’t contain any refined sugars or sweeteners, but gets its sweet taste from the natural...more here

How to choose the best bread maker?

You can see a lot of bread makers on the market, but it´s not easy to choose the right one.
How do you choose the right bread maker? Does a higher price always mean a better machine?
Will you use the bread maker regularly? Do you prefer teflon or stainless steel baking pans?
Do you need extra features or will you only be baking bread?
Is a single kneader better than double kneaders? Plastic or stainless steel construction? How important is energy use?