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Bsingh Hi, How is your US model of the Breadmaker coming up? When can we expect it to be available here? Thanks! 22.1.2021 17:06
Daniel The pandemic has affected the development, specifically the interface and travelling to the US. We are currently hoping for early 2021. 25.1.2021 11:08
Bsingh Thanks Daniel, for the update. We are really looking forward to it's availability in US. Good luck, Sana! 26.1.2021 15:17
Joachim twice a week 21.11.2020 13:54
Dan New video showing tips and programming here:
Simple recipe video here:
31.8.2020 10:02
Abubaker Can you please send me an image of the power rating as indicated in the bread maker on my email before i order it? 28.8.2020 20:55
Dan (Support) Hello

We cannot attach an image, but the label indicates 230v, 50hz, 815 watts.
31.8.2020 10:00
gavin lockhart Having made bread every 2 days for many years, have used this one 5 times since bought. There is a limited supply of flour in UK now and can't afford to waste any more experimenting with this machine and my wife has reverted to making bread by hand. The paddle broke on the 4th loaf, which you promptly replaced (thanks) 13.4.2020 19:02
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