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Matt Any updates on the US model? 26.8.2021 21:44
Daniel The US model is in the development stage, but has been delayed by the pandemic and global chip shortage. We are hoping for a release next year. 27.8.2021 00:08
Matt Wanted to find out if we could still expect a release this year. 29.3.2022 21:29
Sana We are hoping for it towards the end of the year. 30.3.2022 00:16
Bsingh Hi, How is your US model of the Breadmaker coming up? When can we expect it to be available here? Thanks! 22.1.2021 17:06
Daniel The pandemic has affected the development, specifically the interface and travelling to the US. We are currently hoping for early 2021. 25.1.2021 11:08
Bsingh Thanks Daniel, for the update. We are really looking forward to it's availability in US. Good luck, Sana! 26.1.2021 15:17
Joachim twice a week 21.11.2020 13:54
Dan New video showing tips and programming here:
Simple recipe video here:
31.8.2020 10:02
Abubaker Can you please send me an image of the power rating as indicated in the bread maker on my email before i order it? 28.8.2020 20:55
Dan (Support) Hello

We cannot attach an image, but the label indicates 230v, 50hz, 815 watts.
31.8.2020 10:00
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