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MariJ Do you have any news/update as to when the bread machine will be available in the U.S.? Thanks! 4.11.2019 20:35
Daniel Hi mari

There is no firm update. We are hoping that a US version will be ready towards the end of next year.

Best regards
5.11.2019 08:56
Jamie What is the longest delay you can programme for bread making? 2.9.2019 20:28
Daniel Hi Jaime
You can program up to a 10-hour delay.
Thank you
3.9.2019 08:57
Jamie Is this programmable via WiFi? 2.9.2019 20:27
Daniel It isn't programmable via WiFi. 3.9.2019 08:58
Jamie Do you have any bread makers that are WiFi controlled? 3.9.2019 15:44
Daniel (Support) Hi Jamie
We don't have a WiFi controlled bread maker at this time.
Best regards
3.9.2019 15:54
Lora Oh God a WiFi controlled bread maker. how have we ever survived without!?? 16.10.2019 02:30
Chris Paige I'm confused: can't I buy this product and an adaptor to use it in the US? I've been reading online & it seems like a plug adaptor should be sufficient. Is there something I'm missing? 31.7.2019 03:33
Daniel Hi Chris
A plug adaptor wouldn't work with most US houses, because the Sana bread maker only operates on 230V 50 Hz power. However it's possible you already have a 220 volt outlet in your house, as these are becoming more common in the US in utility rooms. Many large appliances in North America like washing machines operate on 220 volt power. In this case you'd just need a cheap plug adaptor.
Otherwise you would need a "Step-up power transformer" which converts 110
volt North American power to 220/230 volt European power. These have
North American power outlets built in so you would use the EU cable.
The bread machine is 810 watts, and it's usualy recommended to get a
transformer that has 50% more capacity (1500 watts is even better). These transformers look
something like this:

31.7.2019 10:42
robert Hello

Would there be smart breadmaker that is available in 230volt/60hz?
I would also like to be informed, when the US version will be available if possible?

Thank you!

25.7.2019 03:39
robert sorry, it should be 220v/60hz 25.7.2019 03:52
Daniel Hi Robert
The breadmaker is officially 230V/60Hz, but will operate fine between 220-240 volts.
We don't have an availability date yet for a US version. We are working on a new version of the breadmaker which will come in both 230 volt and 110 volt models. We hope it will be available sometime in 2020.
Have a nice day
25.7.2019 09:18
robert Thank you daniel. Can you please send image of power rating as indicated in the appliance on my email before i order it? 9.11.2019 05:45
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