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Matt Any updates on the US model? 26.8.2021 21:44
Daniel The US model is in the development stage, but has been delayed by the pandemic and global chip shortage. We are hoping for a release next year. 27.8.2021 00:08
Bsingh Hi, How is your US model of the Breadmaker coming up? When can we expect it to be available here? Thanks! 22.1.2021 17:06
Daniel The pandemic has affected the development, specifically the interface and travelling to the US. We are currently hoping for early 2021. 25.1.2021 11:08
Bsingh Thanks Daniel, for the update. We are really looking forward to it's availability in US. Good luck, Sana! 26.1.2021 15:17
Dan New video showing tips and programming here:
Simple recipe video here:
31.8.2020 10:02
Abubaker Can you please send me an image of the power rating as indicated in the bread maker on my email before i order it? 28.8.2020 20:55
Dan (Support) Hello

We cannot attach an image, but the label indicates 230v, 50hz, 815 watts.
31.8.2020 10:00
Michael First attempt failed as 3 minutes of kneading at full speed was long from being enough we hade to do it 4 times at least with pauses in between to cool the motor to get it properly kneaded. It was also impossible to get the bread out after baking it. It came out in small pieces.
Second try we kneaded the dough by hand before using the maker for rise and bake. To get the bread out you had to cut with a knife. The struggle took ages.
Third attempt. We kneaded by hand. Used the maker to rise. Took it out again, kneaded, in again now with oiled up pan. Set it to bake for 1.0h at 140 and then additional 160 for another 40 minutes. Impossible to get the bread out came out in pieces.
So far this machine has produced alot of frustration. I realize we could probably do something wrong. But as I don't know what, exactly it still produces more frustration than bread.

I'm hoping sana support can answer. I have tried to advice the trouble shooting guide there it says that hard to take out bread is caused by the kneading paddles are stuck in the bread. In our case the kneading paddles weren't used at all so that wasn't the reason.
12.4.2020 00:36
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