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Roozbeh I live in the United States and look forward to purchasing this bread maker. Please provide an update on the comment you made in reply to Alex, below. Thank you. 12.4.2018 02:19
Daniel (Support) Hello Roozbeh
It's a complex situation, because of the low tolerances required to keep the temperatures accurate. To update the below comment, our engineers have now successfully made a prototype which functions properly on North American voltage. The manufacturing facility is now evaluating the protoype, and we are waiting for an estimate of production time and shipping.
We have a large US distributor lined up, so believe me we are as anxious as anyone to see it finally made available in North America. When we receive confirmation and a firm date of availability, we will post it on our Sanaproducts Facebook page.
Thank you for your patience
12.4.2018 14:39
Marina Hi. I would like to buy a sana breadmaker but you don't send it in Cyprus. It is possible to do it somehow?
Thank you
19.2.2018 08:48
Daniel (Support) Hello Marina.
You can order here: We can ship to Cyprus. Just select Cyprus as the country and it will show you shipping costs before checkout.
Have a nice day
19.2.2018 09:37
Alex Hi, when do you anticipate the stainless steel bread maker to be produced for use in the United States? I know it was mentioned early 2018, but I wasn’t sure if you have a better time frame idea now. Will it show up in your website as an option to buy in the US? Do you know how much approximately shipping will be? Thanks! 7.1.2018 00:05
Daniel Hi Alex
Unfortunately we still don't know. A test run for North American voltage was produced in November 2017, but it didn't hold the temperature accurately enough so the engineers are trying another solution. In the meantime, we are testing some 220V-110V step-down voltage regulators (that could be bought from 3rd party vendors) for those that absolutely can't wait. When the final production version is available, we are hoping to partner with a distributor in the US.
8.1.2018 09:12
donnah Hello, I saw it was mentioned it will work in 220v/60Hz. I'm concerned about the warranty. If it does not work for some reason, can I return it within 6 months and get a refund? It will take 2 to 3 months for your product to arrive to my country if I order and have it delivered to Germany then my friend/relative will send it over to me via sea shipment. Please advise. 31.12.2017 03:04
Daniel Hello. It would not be a problem to return it for a refund. The Smart Bread Maker has a 2-year warranty. 3.1.2018 08:57
donnah Thank you Daniel. Do you have a distributor in Germany? 16.3.2018 02:06
donnah Hello Daniel, I reviewed the terms and condition of sale. It says I can refund only within 14 days. you please clarify or where I can see I can refund within 2 years? 16.3.2018 02:12
Daniel Hello Donnah
We don't have a distributor in Germany, as we handle shipments there from our nearby warehouse in the Czech Republic. We hope soon to have an official Sana-Store German site.
You are correct. Normally an item can be returned for a refund within 14 days. However, in your case you wouldn't be able to test it for 2-3 months to ensure it is compatible with your country's electrical standard, so it is reasonable for this 14 days to begin from the time you actually receive it. We ship to most countries, so it may be advantageous for you to select your country from the shipping options, at least to see the cost and time shipping directly from us.
Regardless, if you decide to purchase one, please leave me a message at my email ( so I can notify our logistics manager to make a note of this situation, in case there is some electrical compatibility issue when it arrives.
Have a nice day
16.3.2018 09:42
Arja Hello,
I have one question. Before baking the very first bread in a new Sana Bread Maker, it is recommended to do the following: "Curing your bread maker: Before baking, do not forget to cure the heat element inside the bread maker. Set the program Bake No. 4 for 15 minutes and 180 °C. Then place the bread maker with the opened lid under the cooker hood and switch on! The bread pan has to always be in the bread maker during this process in order not to damage the lid."
What I don't understand is why I have to put baking pan during this curing process: the bread maker should be left with open lid, so why would the presence of an empty baking pan make any difference? I assume that the curing process should be done without the baking pan. Just bread maker with open lid, with set up program no. 4 for 15 minutes and 180°C.
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
12.11.2017 21:42
Daniel Hi Arja
The curing process is to burn off any sediment or deposits on the heating element or the bottom of the interior that may have occurred during manufacturing. The lid remains open so any gas or odors from the curing process can get out and not permeate the interior. The reason we recommend keeping the baking pan inside is to concentrate the heat at the bottom of the bread machine's interior which results in more effective cleaning.
14.11.2017 15:46
Arja Hello Daniel,
thank you very much for your explanation.
Best regards,
15.11.2017 11:56
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