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abderrahman how to unmold the bread from the stainless steel pan of the sana smart bread maker; is it available in my country (morocco).? 31.5.2018 21:20
Dan Hello. Because you can use lower temperatures with the smart bread maker (because the glass lid onb the stainless steel pan keeps the heat and moisture in more effectively), it usually isn't a problem to remove the bread from the pan. The important factor is to allow time (at least 20 minutes) for the bread and pan to cool down before removing the loaf. The only time it may be a problem is with sweet breads using sugar, since sugar will hold more firmly to the pan. In this case, it is best to apply vegetable oil or butter to the pan before adding the ingredients.
We ship to Morocco using UPS/DHL, although it is expensive. You can add any product to the cart on our eshop and choose the country to see an exact quote to your address. Because you are outside of the EU, VAT taxes will be removed from the price of the product (approx. 50 euros).
Have a nice day
1.6.2018 09:04
van I would like to order Grain mill & Breadmaker (steel pan). Can I know if you ship to Singapore? And also does breadmaker & grain mill both Lead & cadmium free? What quality is stainless steel? (Trying to avoid Lead due to health condition) Appreciate a reply. Thank you.
28.4.2018 07:42
Daniel Hello Van
We ship to Singapore - you can put an item in the cart and it will show you shipping costs before purchasing. Shipping from Europe is expensive, but the price of the items will be less because European VAT taxes will be automatically deducted.
The stainless steel pan in the Breadmaker is food-grade SUS304 which contains Chromium (18%), Nickel (10%), Carbon (0.08%), Manganese (2%), Silicon (0.75%), Phosphorus (0.045%), Sulfur (0.03%), and Nitrogen (0.1%). As far as I know, there us no lead in the grain mill. It is made from beech wood, and the grinding process involves two corundum stones which rotate. Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide typically containing traces of iron, titanium, vanadium and chromium.
30.4.2018 10:15
Tobias I am also interested to purchase the bread maker and maybe the mill.

However I am unable to select Singapore as a destination?
8.6.2018 10:56
Dan Hello Tobias

I checked with our logistics manager and you are correct. Singapore is not in the list of "official" destinations. But we can ship there. Shipping by private courier costs 110 euros, and the cost of the bread maker would be approximately 50 euros less as VAT taxes would be removed.
Thank you
8.6.2018 13:38
Liza Hello. I live in Israel, I want to order a bread maker. Do you send to my country? Thank you for your reply in advance!
15.4.2018 00:50
Daniel Hello Liza

It is possible, but shipping costs including customs are expensive to Israel. On the other hand, the EU VAT taxes are removed so that will reduce the cost of the bead maker approximately 50 euros.

You can put your selected model into the cart on Sana-Store ( and enter your shipping information before payment to see the exact costs.

Thank you

15.4.2018 15:24
Roozbeh I live in the United States and look forward to purchasing this bread maker. Please provide an update on the comment you made in reply to Alex, below. Thank you. 12.4.2018 02:19
Daniel (Support) Hello Roozbeh
It's a complex situation, because of the low tolerances required to keep the temperatures accurate. To update the below comment, our engineers have now successfully made a prototype which functions properly on North American voltage. The manufacturing facility is now evaluating the protoype, and we are waiting for an estimate of production time and shipping.
We have a large US distributor lined up, so believe me we are as anxious as anyone to see it finally made available in North America. When we receive confirmation and a firm date of availability, we will post it on our Sanaproducts Facebook page.
Thank you for your patience
12.4.2018 14:39
Marina Hi. I would like to buy a sana breadmaker but you don't send it in Cyprus. It is possible to do it somehow?
Thank you
19.2.2018 08:48
Daniel (Support) Hello Marina.
You can order here: We can ship to Cyprus. Just select Cyprus as the country and it will show you shipping costs before checkout.
Have a nice day
19.2.2018 09:37
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