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Linda Is this available for purchase in the US? I would really like to buy one. 18.12.2019 20:39
Sana Products The Sana Smart Breadmaker only operates on 220v power and is incomnpatible with US power. A new version is being designed for the US, and hopefully will be released in 2023. 20.1.2022 12:24
Vee f Are your breadmakers (specifically the variants with stainless steel pans and blades) available in Australia currently, or in the near future? Regards. 16.12.2019 02:08
Daniel Hello

We currently don't have a distributor of our bread machine in Australia. It's possible to ship there from Europe, but the shipping is expensive.

Best regards

17.12.2019 11:19
Pamela Valemont Can anyone be a distributor? Or does it have to be a big business owner? 13.3.2020 04:26
Daniel Hi Pamela
It would have to be someone with the capacity to order at least a pallet (20 units) and be able to service it in case of any issues.
13.3.2020 09:21
Kathleen Abbas I would like to buy the Sana smart Bread maker for use in the USA.
It has been since 2017 Sana has been saying “ next year” .
Next month is 2020 and I don’t want to wait any longer to buy one. Definitely not saying anything bad about the company as I realize it is very difficult with all of the requirements necessary to market in the US. Quite the opposite I am very excited about being able to purchase the Sana smart bread machine BUT I must do my due diligence first as I would be responsible for any damage caused by our US electricity standards. B
I would like to know what it says on the label of the machine or underneath where you plug it in what you motor is electrically rated for by the manufacturer. Preferably a photo of the label.
I contacted an electrician as I have 220 volt access in my house in the kitchen. This is what he told me.
“ If the Manufacturer has rated it to be BOTH 50Hz & 60Hz
capable, then it won’t result in any damage in the US ” And he said there is always is a label on the appliance itself that states the electrical rating.
He also told me.
“ One major problem with appliances with an AC motor is the 50-60hertz difference, US motors will run slowly and not perform properly in European countries while European motors will ran too fast and suffer damage in the US. Unless the manufacturer made some special dual system provisions. Get a photo of what the manufacture prints on that label of the Breadmaker before you purchase it”
So with that being said could you please email me a photo of the label on the Smart Bread maker?
I will then take it down to the electrician so he can see it and tell me whether I can purchase this or not with my set up. Thank you very much
PS I believe you have my email address as I had to type it in, to be able to log into this forum.
8.12.2019 19:51
Peter B Is there a downloadable version of the User's manual to the Bread Maker that is properly translated to English? I got my exclusive set today, but it only came with a Hungarian manual which is so poor that it's impossible to understand and, based on my first results, is incorrect at places.

I also wonder if it's possible to restart the BAKE phase only, when the results indicate that the bread is not properly baked? I have not been able to find this in the manual and the controls on the unit are very confusing, it would restart the KNEADING but I can't get it to go back to BAKE for some more time. My old 100EUR Panasonic had that function, surely this one must too?
25.11.2019 18:26
Daniel Hi Peter

The manual can be downloaded here:
If you need to bake your bread longer after the program is finished, you can select program #4 (pressing the recipe "book" button cycles through the programs). Program four is baking only, and eliminates the kneading and rising phases.
Best regards
26.11.2019 09:20
MariJ Do you have any news/update as to when the bread machine will be available in the U.S.? Thanks! 4.11.2019 20:35
Daniel Hi mari

There is no firm update. We are hoping that a US version will be ready towards the end of next year.

Best regards
5.11.2019 08:56
Suzanne Do you have any updates on this release? All of US is waiting!!! 8.12.2019 16:02
Daniel We don't have any updates. We are eagerly waiting too, and hoping the final prototype will be finished soon for testing. I'm honestly shcoked that no other manufacturer in the US is making a bread machine with a stainless sttel pan. 9.12.2019 10:28
Juliet Hi,

Any news yet for USA bread maker? It’s March 2020...just wondering.
15.3.2020 23:54
Daniel Hi Juliet. We're looking at the end of this year or early next year if all goes without problem. 16.3.2020 09:22
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