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Matt I would like to use the bread maker to ferment yogurt. One of your recipes says to place 6 small containers in the machine to make yogurt. This would be rather inconvenient, since I want to strain the whole amount afterwards. Can I just use the whole stainless bread pan to ferment yogurt instead?

22.12.2014 13:12
Sana Products Ltd. According our experience the best option is to remove stainless steel bread pan and use the ceramic (or enameled) cooking pot - 1,5 - 2 liters. We let ferment yogurt inside cooing pot.
You could preheat the milk aside and keep the temperature inside the bread maker only (to speed it up the process).
We filmed the recipe how to make the yogurt in bread maker last week and cutting it now (it should be ready and on-line during a week).
22.12.2014 20:28
Matt Finally a company that has designed a bread maker that can be a multi-tasking appliance for many food preparation needs, and still make good bread! Can you add stainless inserts that would allow for baking two smaller loafs at the same time? 22.12.2014 12:21
Sana Products Ltd. We would like to offer double stainless steel bread pan as well but unfortunately there is almost no interest from customer´s side. So we could offer to you teflon double bread pan only.
Luckily because of adjustable programmes you are able to bake very small breads in Sana bread maker (from 250-500 g) and use standard stainless steel bread pan.

22.12.2014 20:36
Laurie I just noticed that you also offer teflon coated pans, as well as, stainless steel pans in different bread machine models. Just to clarify, I do not want teflon. I would love for the stainless steel version to be available in the US. Any plans for this? Thanks. 12.12.2014 03:50
Sana Products Ltd. Hello Laurie,
thank you for your interest in stainless steel version of bread pan! We produce European models with CE certification only and currently US model isn´t available. But we would like to start the production of US model as well in year 2015. So we hope Sana Smart Bread Maker will be avaialable in US in the second half of the next year. Thanks!
12.12.2014 10:12
karen i have also along with the others been searching for years for a stainless steel or a ceramic bread pan ,not teflon or teflon like nonstick breadpans .when in 2015 will the stainless steel or ceramic, if that is healthy ,be available for the u.s.? thank you!
23.12.2014 00:05
Laurie Will you offer these bread machines for the United States, as well? I really want one! Thanks. 12.12.2014 03:42
Jitka Hello.
I wanted to let you know that I agree that your bread maker really is multifunctional. On Monday we returned from a 10-day holiday in Croatia. We had brought the Sana smart bread maker and some yeast with us. Our original plan was to borrow my Mom’s bread machine, but after talking about it we decided we prefer the taste of the bread from the smart bread maker (my 14 year old daughter had strong feelings on this). Upon arriving at our holiday apartment in Croatia, we were a little surprised that the kitchen only had a hot pot, which really isn’t enough for our family of four. So I thought of you and remembered that the smart bread maker can be also used as a slow cooker. We have a slow cooker in our weekend cottage, so I am familiar with them. I used the sana bread maker to make two different stews, lamb with vegetables, and soup. It was all wonderful. So now I am glad that I have a slow cooker at home – the smart bread maker.

Yesterday I bought some tempeh, but it was moldy with black spots. So again I thought of you and am seriously considering buying the tempeh kit. My husband suggested that we let you install the upgrade program into the smart bread maker, which will save a lot of button pressing.

To sum it up, I’m very happy with the smart bread maker. I especially want to thank you that you are constantly improving it, and that you pass along a lot of good information and advice. It’s really great!

Jitka J. and family

2.9.2014 13:38
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