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Fiona Hi there, will the Sana bread maker work in Australia with an adaptor plug? Thanks. :) 3.6.2019 15:58
Daniel Hello Fiona
Yes. Australia operates on the same electicity standard as Europe - 230 V 50 Hz - so it would only need a plug adaptor. Note however that we currently don't have a distributor in Australia, so shipping would be expensive and if there were any service issues it would need to be shipped to Europe.
4.6.2019 10:44
Lora Oh that's no good. I want a bread maker with stainless steel pan or I won't buy one, I hate Teflon, irk.
Are there any other brands of bread makers with stainless steel pans, I live Aust.
16.10.2019 02:55
Daniel As far as we know, Sana is the only brand of breadmaker which offers a stainless steel pan. 16.10.2019 10:57
Ella Hello,

Any update on the US stainless steel version? I cant wait for you to start selling in USA. P.s. i would be happy te be a tester of your US bread maker :).
Thank you!
26.2.2019 03:44
Daniel Hello Ella
The new model for the US is currently in the prototype phase. We hope to have it approved, certified, produced, and available for sale early next year.
Thanks for your testing offer :-)
26.2.2019 09:42
John If l buy a Sana Smart breadmaker in the UK how and from where will you cover the guarantee please?
What is the length of the guarantee on this product?
17.12.2018 18:58
Dan Hi John

The Sana Smart breadmaker can be purchased from our Sana-Store site
The warranty is 2 years and would be covered by our central service facility in the Czech Republic.
Please note that it doesn't come with UK plugs, so an EU-UK adpator is needed.
Have a nice day
18.12.2018 08:54
MIck PLease let us know when an 110 V / USA version will be made available. I will be the first to buy it.
8.12.2018 19:21
Dan Hi Mick

We'll also post any updates on our Facebook page (

We are hoping to have a version ready late next year.

Have a nice day
10.12.2018 10:17
SP I live in the US, but I will be travelling to Europe over Christmas. If I buy the Sana bread maker in Europe, will it work in the US? What voltage does it use? Thank you! 24.11.2018 01:56
Dan Hello
Unfortunately the Sana bread maker is designed to work only with European 230 volt power. He have had some customers import them and use them with voltage converters, but it isn't recommended.
Have a nice day
26.11.2018 10:38
Mick I read in a blog from your company that an US version is being developed.
When will that be available. You would be the ONLY brand in the WORLD -not kidding- that would have a safe bread maker with a stainless steel bread pan. I have been waiting and wanting this for years, and many others with me. See here for example: The below site gets this question daily.

There is demand for it, and until now there are ZERO vendors who offer anything in the USA.
8.12.2018 19:19
Dan (Support) Hi Mick
We get a lot of questions about it as well. We actually spent quite a bit of time trying to adapt our European bread maker to North American voltage. Unfortunatley it's not as easy as it seems, given not only the voltage differences but also the frequency (hertz) differences. It's crucial for the bread machine to be able to keep an exact temperature, and the results we got on the modified version just didn't fit our parameters. That is why we are developing a new version for the North American market. We're surprised too that another manufacturer hasn't made one yet. I think the hurdles to them are the price of the stainless steel (far more than teflon), the inherent "stickiness" of a stainless steel pan, and that it's a niche market and most manufacturers want to produce cheaper products aimed at the mass market.
10.12.2018 10:28
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