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Jerry The machine came without instructions, without anything at all... The information on the internet, youtube is scarce... The machine is totally manual with many options, which is nice, but PLEASE provide some recipes for standard bread types. You have some recipes online but that's not enough for a very expensive machine. We'll try and probably ruin some more flour and then send the machine back if we don't find/receive some useful documentation from your side. Not just the manual. The recipes in the manual don't include kneading. Don't know why. Thank you. 29.9.2023 22:06
Anjali I would like to buy the sana breadmaker (stainless steel pan). I live in Brisbane, Australia.
A month again I saw the option for the breadmaker to be shipped to Australia but this no longer exists now? Could you ship it to Brisbane, Australia?
7.9.2023 05:01
Daniel We generally just ship within Europe. There is an option at to select Australia, and arrange one's own shipping. Alternately, you can write there and ask for a shipping quotation to a specific address. 7.9.2023 09:06
Karen Symes Can I buy a Sana bread machine in the UK with a UK plug? 8.7.2023 19:32
Daniel It is only available in contintental Europe with an EU plug at this time. 10.7.2023 12:01
Eddazi Can we be a reseller in MOROCCO?
31.5.2023 08:01
Sana Products We currently don't have distribution in Africa. The only way to get a stainless steel pan there would be to purchase it here and arrange your own shipping by choosing the "personal pickup" option. 1.6.2023 11:10
Eddazi OK, great.
Can we be a reseller of your products in Morocco? In order to sel your products in Morocco.
2.6.2023 00:05
Sana Products Please contact us at and we can provide more information. 2.6.2023 10:46
Dory Can I buy this in Canada? 11.4.2023 18:12
Sana Products We hope the new model will be available in Canada in 2024. 11.4.2023 22:14
Tara Will the new model be available in Canada in late 2024 or early 2024? Do you know approximately what month / season it will be available for purchase? 24.12.2023 13:03
Sana Products We are thinking late 2024. We will have an update from the engineers in early February about the propgress. 26.12.2023 12:16
Kris What changes will the new model have compared to the previous one? 27.12.2023 18:46
Sana Products The body and the interface will be different. The stainless steel pan will remain. 28.12.2023 14:52
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