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Laurie Will you offer these bread machines for the United States, as well? I really want one! Thanks. 12.12.2014 03:42
Jitka Hello.
I wanted to let you know that I agree that your bread maker really is multifunctional. On Monday we returned from a 10-day holiday in Croatia. We had brought the Sana smart bread maker and some yeast with us. Our original plan was to borrow my Mom’s bread machine, but after talking about it we decided we prefer the taste of the bread from the smart bread maker (my 14 year old daughter had strong feelings on this). Upon arriving at our holiday apartment in Croatia, we were a little surprised that the kitchen only had a hot pot, which really isn’t enough for our family of four. So I thought of you and remembered that the smart bread maker can be also used as a slow cooker. We have a slow cooker in our weekend cottage, so I am familiar with them. I used the sana bread maker to make two different stews, lamb with vegetables, and soup. It was all wonderful. So now I am glad that I have a slow cooker at home – the smart bread maker.

Yesterday I bought some tempeh, but it was moldy with black spots. So again I thought of you and am seriously considering buying the tempeh kit. My husband suggested that we let you install the upgrade program into the smart bread maker, which will save a lot of button pressing.

To sum it up, I’m very happy with the smart bread maker. I especially want to thank you that you are constantly improving it, and that you pass along a lot of good information and advice. It’s really great!

Jitka J. and family

2.9.2014 13:38
Rose I am from the United States, will you ship to the US? Thanks! 12.7.2014 04:02
Thomas Hello! I decided to buy a stainless steel bread maker but girlfriend is excited from Unold. Is it possible to do all recipes in Sana Bread Maker too? Your product looks very interesting for me. Thank you. 28.11.2013 14:33
Servis (Support) Sana Bread Mker always offers the newest programs and you are free to create your own programs for the latest recipes. Therefore, we have also created a programmable bread maker. All programs are fully adjustable and because of it seven programs are absolutely sufficient for using (you won´t use more programs). Below you can check all benefits of our bread maker.

• 7 "​​SUPER" programs (it means programs without setting any limits!)
• THE FIRST TIME - chance for you to bake small or large breads (0.5 to 1.7 kg)
• THE FIRST TIME - most common programs duplicated (you could store into the memory three types of bread)
• THE FIRST TIME - temperature values ​​are numeric (most of bread makers use levels only)!
• THE FIRST TIME - lack of temperature between fermentation and baking (i.e. zone of about 40 to 170 ° C)
• THE FIRST TIME - it is possible to use modern low-temperature baking and cooking, pasteurization, etc.
• THE FIRST TIME - digital thermostat for different fermentation with high sensitivity by 1 °C!
• Two-phase stage for traditional preparation of a sourdough
• Three baking stage allows you to customize baking
• You could heat foods with varying temperatures
• Wide range of accessories in stainless steel!
• Simple "intuitive" control - the same for all programs
• CAUTION! You can buy new programs in the future if you need
28.11.2013 14:35
Evy It is shift to Malaysia?
TOTALLY how much includes everything with the transportation?
6.2.2017 02:44
Dan It can be sent to Malaysia. The cost is approximately 100 euros for shipping. We can send you an exact quote if you send us the delivery details. 6.2.2017 09:36
Hans Hello, you mention in the manual that "Finally, even at this bakery kneader may not remain in the dough". What does it mean? As shown, this is not a folding hooks. 28.11.2013 14:13
Servis (Support) Because of "HIGHSPEEDKNEADING FUNCTION" the kneading time is from 2 to 3 minutes. And this is the time when you can easily wait for the end of kneading to pull it out. Keep these in bread and remove these after baking is poor solution - you damage almost 4 slices of bread! Folding kneaders are very difficult for cleaning and leave although shallow, but larger recess of the bottom bread. Both methods of removing kneaders are old technology. 28.11.2013 14:14
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