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MIck PLease let us know when an 110 V / USA version will be made available. I will be the first to buy it.
8.12.2018 19:21
Dan Hi Mick

We'll also post any updates on our Facebook page (

We are hoping to have a version ready late next year.

Have a nice day
10.12.2018 10:17
SP I live in the US, but I will be travelling to Europe over Christmas. If I buy the Sana bread maker in Europe, will it work in the US? What voltage does it use? Thank you! 24.11.2018 01:56
Dan Hello
Unfortunately the Sana bread maker is designed to work only with European 230 volt power. He have had some customers import them and use them with voltage converters, but it isn't recommended.
Have a nice day
26.11.2018 10:38
Mick I read in a blog from your company that an US version is being developed.
When will that be available. You would be the ONLY brand in the WORLD -not kidding- that would have a safe bread maker with a stainless steel bread pan. I have been waiting and wanting this for years, and many others with me. See here for example: The below site gets this question daily.

There is demand for it, and until now there are ZERO vendors who offer anything in the USA.
8.12.2018 19:19
Dan (Support) Hi Mick
We get a lot of questions about it as well. We actually spent quite a bit of time trying to adapt our European bread maker to North American voltage. Unfortunatley it's not as easy as it seems, given not only the voltage differences but also the frequency (hertz) differences. It's crucial for the bread machine to be able to keep an exact temperature, and the results we got on the modified version just didn't fit our parameters. That is why we are developing a new version for the North American market. We're surprised too that another manufacturer hasn't made one yet. I think the hurdles to them are the price of the stainless steel (far more than teflon), the inherent "stickiness" of a stainless steel pan, and that it's a niche market and most manufacturers want to produce cheaper products aimed at the mass market.
10.12.2018 10:28
Dez smith Hi, should my bread maker come with an instruction manual? Because it hasn’t. 16.8.2018 11:10
Dan (Support) Hello.
Yes it definitely should have an instruction manual in the box. May I where you purchased it, because they will need to send you a manual. In the meantime, you can download a PDF of the manual here:
We've never encountered that issue before. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. If you have any problem getting the manual, please write me directly at
16.8.2018 11:37
MariJ Hello - like other posters, I live in the US and look forward to this bread maker becoming available here. Do you have any updates since April? (I looked on your facebook page, but didn't see anything related to this.) Thanks! 2.8.2018 23:42
Dan Hello Mari

There haven't been any updates since April. We hope to be able to give some good news soon, but don't want to jump the gun until we have confirmation.

Believe me, we wish the process of converting voltage and getting US approval was faster :-)

Have a nice day

3.8.2018 09:02
GIJ SANA SMART BREAD MAKER (STANDARD) with stainless pan & Kneaders with English menu & Recipe book ?

Hi Good evening, I lived in Singapore.
Are you able to ship here & how much in total for the above item?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank You
2.7.2018 13:34
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