Baking sourdough bread and other specialties

Baking sourdough bread and other specialties

Find out the amazing possibilities of domestic sourdough

Places and terms of course

No course is planned now. In case of your interest please contact us on or call +420 775 584 237.

You will get reply for many questions...

  • What is bread itself? Different countries means a lot of types of bread.
  • History and development of sourdough bread with us.
  • Find out what is the myth and what is the reality!
  • How to prepare bread for children, adults, sick or sportsman?
  • Is it possible to prepare own great sourdough bread made ​​from flour and water only?
  • How to prepare healthy bread faster than go to buy unhealthy to the nearest shop?
  • .... and much more information - you could see, hear or taste yourself!


The course was my start for a basic food in our family

Good evening, I continue in developing of my baking. I´m sending photos rolls and sandwiches, as we did. If you knew the dates and topics of the next courses, please email these to me and we will come again. Greetings and see you soon.

We already use Sana bread maker every day!

Hello, I already have bread maker at home for some time and it's great. The first breads were not quite the best, but now, after balancing the correct proportions and baking bread is excellent. Take the first breads have gone worse fork, but now fall out of stainless steel mold smoothly. I thought I will store Sana bread maker into the cupboard but we use it constantly so it has found the place on the countertop. I bake a bread, pastry "rolls" or other tests on the "sweet" cake, malt amasaké or cheese or a yogurt. Thank you for everything!

It totally exceeded all our expectations

The way back from your course was quick and without problems. I hope in my head stays still enough information from the course that I got from you. Leavening already mastered multiplication first, now rises the second stage. Concern makes me get a good grain (now I buy it in bioshops)). Could you send me a chance where you are buying the good grain? Otherwise, once again I would like to thank you for the great course, accommodation and cooking, it totally exceeded all our expectations. Certainly still meet the tempeh course next time!

Spetka from Slovakia
The basis of the course is to learn how to choose the right types of grain

Hello sir, I want to thank you once again for the course through which fix many bugs that I have ever made ​​when baking bread. I look forward to the production of tempeh, which I tasted from you too. I am very surprised about the inappropriateness spelled for bread-making. Because I was diagnosed intolerance to gliadin contained in the refined wheat and spelled me was recommended as a replacement just because it is an ancient variety. The information that I've found the right wheat - it looks promising and may be possible to replace it spelled without negative effects on my health. Before the next course I will send next order for accessories for making tempeh-cheese. Thank you and have a nice day.

When the student is ready the master will come

I was very satisfied with your course - five stars for yoour service and I don´t know better technology. For a long time I was looking for someone who could show me direction in terms of access to food in everyday life in our region. One old Asian says: "If the student is ready, the master will come."

Friends still asking for bread baked in steam

Hello, I'd like to order one more accessory for baking bread in steam - I´ve bought it in your course. My friends tasted my bread and they said they aren´t able to live without it :-). Steamed bread from Sana Bread Maker tastes great and it´s the most healthy food for our family. Thanks!

After your baking course we have new family ritual - baking bread

Hello, first of all I would like to thank to your whole family for bread-making course and for all the information you gave us all. After ordering wheat and Basmati rice the cooking happened family ritual in our family and everyone enjoy it. Sana bread maker is really excellent - my son 11-months eat the bread from it only :-). Till now we were buying standard bread but it´s not possible to compare it with ours. I want to thank you for sending analyzes - I´m looking forward to check these. Have a beautiful day!

Baking sourdough bread and other specialties

Baking sourdough bread and other specialties

Find out the amazing possibilities of domestic sourdough

We will send more information to your email address. In case of your interest feel free to contact us on or call +420 775 584 237.

Course: Baking sourdough bread and other specialties

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