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Pavel Hi, I am living in the UK. There we use 3 pin plug. When you ship to UK do you fit the bread maker with a 3pin plug?
Thanks for your answer
27.6.2017 21:13
Dan Hi Pavel. We only produce the bread maker with the EU "F" plug. However since the voltage is the same in the UK, all it needs is a standard UK-EU plug adapter. Take care. 28.6.2017 10:54
Pavel thank you. 28.6.2017 13:09
siewyin How do I get the bread maker shipped to Singapore. Thanks! 29.5.2017 18:08
Dan We can ship it from Europe. Our carrier to Singapore quoted 115 euros for shipping. 30.5.2017 09:07
Barry Hi , do you sell and ship to South Africa? 9.5.2017 04:34
Robert Hello,

I assume your product runs in 230v/50Hz. Do you think it will safely run in 220v/60Hz setting?
If not, will you come up with a custom version that runs in 220 to 230v/50 to 60Hz?

Please advise.
2.1.2017 01:15
Dan Our engineer says it will be fine at 220v/60Hz. 16.1.2017 09:55
Carolina Schneider I'd love to buy one, but I don't see an option to deliver to the U.S. Are you considering sales in the U.S.? 18.12.2016 06:47
Dan We don't plan to offer this model in the US market, as it is only designed to operate on higher voltages. We have a model in development for the US market which should be available in early 2018. 16.1.2017 10:05
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