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Vadim Hello,

1)is there an ability to drive this machine from PC? Ex.:set heating curves (heating speed, etc), view setpoint temperature, real temperature, heating power (percents) - to determine all necessary parameters for any substance in this machine. There is no info in the user manual about interfaces, available for this machine.
2) Is there any sensor on the motor stage? In accordance with the warning about motor overheat/overload in the user manual (Ex. Current sensor, temp.sensor)
3) What about the maintenance of this product?
4) What about the thermometer verification period?

30.8.2017 23:10
Dan 1) There is no PC interface for this machine. However all functions can be programmed through the control panel.
2) The motor has a thermal sensor
3) No special maintenance is required
4) There is no verification period on the thermometer - there is no need for re-calibration.
1.9.2017 09:21
Pavel Hi, I am living in the UK. There we use 3 pin plug. When you ship to UK do you fit the bread maker with a 3pin plug?
Thanks for your answer
27.6.2017 21:13
Dan Hi Pavel. We only produce the bread maker with the EU "F" plug. However since the voltage is the same in the UK, all it needs is a standard UK-EU plug adapter. Take care. 28.6.2017 10:54
Pavel thank you. 28.6.2017 13:09
siewyin How do I get the bread maker shipped to Singapore. Thanks! 29.5.2017 18:08
Dan We can ship it from Europe. Our carrier to Singapore quoted 115 euros for shipping. 30.5.2017 09:07
Barry Hi , do you sell and ship to South Africa? 9.5.2017 04:34
Robert Hello,

I assume your product runs in 230v/50Hz. Do you think it will safely run in 220v/60Hz setting?
If not, will you come up with a custom version that runs in 220 to 230v/50 to 60Hz?

Please advise.
2.1.2017 01:15
Dan Our engineer says it will be fine at 220v/60Hz. 16.1.2017 09:55
Dan Can you help confirm the exact specification/rating of the equipment? 15.8.2017 13:29
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