Sana Smart bread maker

We are interested in baking bread for 20 years and we have developed an almost perfect multifunction home breadmaker which is in many respects quite unique. And this is no empty phrase! Let´s check it yourself.

Sana is a Latin expression – its English translation is „healthy“. The multifunctional SANA Bread Maker is the best solution if you want to prepare really healthy and tasty food.

Bread? Basic food of your life...

Do not be indifferent to what you eat. Quality purchased many loaves can be compared to the mass of recycled tasteless, without the necessary vitamins, enzymes, full of different kid stuff. It is often half-baked bread, inedible the next day and quickly subject to mildew.

Bake the best bread at your home:

  • much better taste
  • it´s cheaper
  • give nutritions to your body
  • no chemicals
  • stay fresh longer time

How to choose the best one?

A lot of bread makers and marketing tricks are everywhere....

We have prepared a comparison of bread makers across the market. After reading you will be able to decide which bakery is the best for you. We done it objectively and tested many different bread makers...

The newest technology forever...

fully adjustable programs and stainless steel bread pan make our bread maker really unique

The multifunctional SANA Bread Maker has two memory chips and its software can be updated. So, you can adjust new programmes over and over again and save those you use the most. In case of programme updates, you don’t have to buy a new bread maker.

The multifunctional bread maker

Although SANA is a bread maker, it can also prepare a range of other food which has nothing to do with bread. You can not only bake truly healthy bread from natural leaven but also prepare classical and probiotic yoghurt, kefir, acidophilus milk, try soya cheese Tempeh and Natto or natural sweetener Amazake. Enjoy fresh butter, cracklings, bake juicy meat or fish and produce non-perishable jam using pasteurization.


Finally, you can prepare these ever more popular soya cheeses even at home! The multifunctional SANA Bread Maker can produce more than ½ kg of tasty Tempeh.

Bake your own true bread from any wheat or rye flour at home. With SANA Smart Bread Maker, you can easily prepare healthy bread as well as natural leaven.

Programmes for low-temperature cooking and baking allow you to prepare healthy meat and fish. Experiment, create new recipes and share them with others!

With the ability to adjust the kneading speed, time and variable temperature distribution, you can easily make the jam exactly to your liking and taste in your multifunctional Sana Bread Maker.

With the multifunctional SANA Bread Maker, you can make a large range of dairy products at home – classic or probiotic yoghurt, kefir, acidophilus milk or cheese.

Reduce the use of industrially produced sugar – our food can be strongly and healthily sweetened with traditional Japanese delicacy Amazake!

Sana Mix

3 different models

We adjusted models for your purpose

The difference between models is in the equipment. We place homemade sourdough starter with each bread maker, gauges of raw materials and the recipe book where you will find a lot of inspiration for using this great bread maker. BASIC is much cheaper by using cheaper materials - teflon bread pan. STANDARD uses stainless steel parts and there are glass covers with digital thermometer which allows to you prepare bread with the best results. EXCLUSIVE contains french grill and set for preparing tempeh cheese.