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Lynda Hi I ordered the Breadmaker with a Teflon pan. Your pan arrived with scratches inside and I am not sure whether it is safe to use the pan because these scratched parts may rust. For the price I paid, I expected better quality products from you. 16.3.2015 04:50
Alex Is the Sana bread maker distributed in France as well? We would like to buy one. Thanks! 21.2.2015 13:53
Sana Products Ltd. Hi Alex, unfortunately now we don´t have distributor of bread makers in France. Feel free to order it thourgh our website and we will send bread maker to you by UPS courier (delivery to France during 3 business days). Thanks. 23.2.2015 08:36
Alex I have ordered the bread maker (Exclusive model) through your website and I have received it today. I am not happy with it because the bowl is not in the same shiny stainless steel I saw in the video - it is matt and it really looks like uncoated aluminum. Additionally it is already all scratched inside because the ceramic lids were not wrapped correctly. This proves that it is not stainless steel.
There is no instruction manual inside the bow, only a recipe book and I had to download it from your website: 60 pages to print out! For the price I expected a printed manual.
I am very disappointed, I will send it back to you.
26.2.2015 19:55
Sana Products Ltd. Alex, we are glad you got bread maker during two days after your order. We´ve decided to improve the our bread pans and use "sanding surface" now. It means stainless steel pan is sanded in additional step and it protect surface aginst scratches.
We don´t think it´s necessary to print the whole manual instruction in English because not all customers can read it. In countries where we have representation, there is printed manual instruction in national language in the box.
Sorry to read that ceramic covers damaged the bread pan. Our customer´s department will contact you immediately and we will ship to you new bread pan free of charge immediately if you agree.
Thank you for your feedback! It helps us to improve our services.
27.2.2015 08:26
Alex Hi, I have received the new stainless steel pan you sent me and I am now very happy with the machine, it works really well! The sanded surface makes the bread easy to unmold, especially if you allow a cooling time as explained in the notice.
I am making organic low-gluten bread with old wheat flours mixed with buckwheat and it's delicious... Next step will be to make gluten-free bread and sour dough.
Thank you for your efficiency in replacing the pan.
I wish you all the best!
16.3.2015 16:33
ASinger Hoping to see this breadmaker and the stainless steel accessories in the U.S. soon. No more teflon and aluminum! 10.2.2015 16:20
Gabrielle Ditto! :) 23.1.2016 14:54
Matt I would like to use the bread maker to ferment yogurt. One of your recipes says to place 6 small containers in the machine to make yogurt. This would be rather inconvenient, since I want to strain the whole amount afterwards. Can I just use the whole stainless bread pan to ferment yogurt instead?

22.12.2014 13:12
Sana Products Ltd. According our experience the best option is to remove stainless steel bread pan and use the ceramic (or enameled) cooking pot - 1,5 - 2 liters. We let ferment yogurt inside cooing pot.
You could preheat the milk aside and keep the temperature inside the bread maker only (to speed it up the process).
We filmed the recipe how to make the yogurt in bread maker last week and cutting it now (it should be ready and on-line during a week).
22.12.2014 20:28
Matt Finally a company that has designed a bread maker that can be a multi-tasking appliance for many food preparation needs, and still make good bread! Can you add stainless inserts that would allow for baking two smaller loafs at the same time? 22.12.2014 12:21
Sana Products Ltd. We would like to offer double stainless steel bread pan as well but unfortunately there is almost no interest from customer´s side. So we could offer to you teflon double bread pan only.
Luckily because of adjustable programmes you are able to bake very small breads in Sana bread maker (from 250-500 g) and use standard stainless steel bread pan.

22.12.2014 20:36
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