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Arja Hello,
I have one question. Before baking the very first bread in a new Sana Bread Maker, it is recommended to do the following: "Curing your bread maker: Before baking, do not forget to cure the heat element inside the bread maker. Set the program Bake No. 4 for 15 minutes and 180 °C. Then place the bread maker with the opened lid under the cooker hood and switch on! The bread pan has to always be in the bread maker during this process in order not to damage the lid."
What I don't understand is why I have to put baking pan during this curing process: the bread maker should be left with open lid, so why would the presence of an empty baking pan make any difference? I assume that the curing process should be done without the baking pan. Just bread maker with open lid, with set up program no. 4 for 15 minutes and 180°C.
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
12.11.2017 21:42
Daniel Hi Arja
The curing process is to burn off any sediment or deposits on the heating element or the bottom of the interior that may have occurred during manufacturing. The lid remains open so any gas or odors from the curing process can get out and not permeate the interior. The reason we recommend keeping the baking pan inside is to concentrate the heat at the bottom of the bread machine's interior which results in more effective cleaning.
14.11.2017 15:46
Arja Hello Daniel,
thank you very much for your explanation.
Best regards,
15.11.2017 11:56
Akin Hello,
1-) I know that the pans are steel, but is there any other - in preparation or cooking parts touching floor -made of teflon in your standart/exclusive models?
2-) Do you ship to Dubai/UAE? If so, how much is the shipping cost? Will there be anything expected from the customer (like documents, visit to customs etc.) or will it ship directly to the address and shipping firm will handle all?
3-) if i choose to order, can you charge all shipping and equipment into my credit card?
Kind Regards,
28.10.2017 10:13
Daniel Hello Akin
Our shipping manager is off today. I have sent him an email regarding shipping costs and Dubai/UAE certification. I will let you know when he replies.
Regarding question 1, the only other cooking part that comes in contact with the ingredients are the kneaders, and they are also stainless steel.
Regarding question 3, we can charge all shipping and product costs to your credit card as long as it is accepted in Europe.
Thank you
30.10.2017 08:56
Daniel Hello Akin

Regarding shipping to UAE, there is no problem. We have shipped several units there previously. Shipping there is expensive - approximately 180 euros.
Thank you
1.11.2017 08:57
Akşn Thanks a lot Daniel, and nothing is required from my side right? No documents or customs tasks etc? Thanks. Kind Regards, Akin 1.11.2017 19:15
Vadim Hello,

1)is there an ability to drive this machine from PC? Ex.:set heating curves (heating speed, etc), view setpoint temperature, real temperature, heating power (percents) - to determine all necessary parameters for any substance in this machine. There is no info in the user manual about interfaces, available for this machine.
2) Is there any sensor on the motor stage? In accordance with the warning about motor overheat/overload in the user manual (Ex. Current sensor, temp.sensor)
3) What about the maintenance of this product?
4) What about the thermometer verification period?

30.8.2017 23:10
Dan 1) There is no PC interface for this machine. However all functions can be programmed through the control panel.
2) The motor has a thermal sensor
3) No special maintenance is required
4) There is no verification period on the thermometer - there is no need for re-calibration.
1.9.2017 09:21
Pavel Hi, I am living in the UK. There we use 3 pin plug. When you ship to UK do you fit the bread maker with a 3pin plug?
Thanks for your answer
27.6.2017 21:13
Dan Hi Pavel. We only produce the bread maker with the EU "F" plug. However since the voltage is the same in the UK, all it needs is a standard UK-EU plug adapter. Take care. 28.6.2017 10:54
Pavel thank you. 28.6.2017 13:09
siewyin How do I get the bread maker shipped to Singapore. Thanks! 29.5.2017 18:08
Dan We can ship it from Europe. Our carrier to Singapore quoted 115 euros for shipping. 30.5.2017 09:07
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